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Why Meetup Express?

Meetup Express: The Era of Digital Appointments and Reporting Begins!

Tired of traditional notebook appointments? Experiencing customer dissatisfaction due to missed appointments or last-minute reminders? Or do you need detailed reports about your business? Here's the solution: Meetup Express!

Meetup Express is an innovative platform that enables businesses to manage their appointments digitally and access detailed reports. It's suitable for all kinds of businesses, from hairdressers to doctors, fitness trainers to consultants.

Why Choose Meetup Express?


Integrate Meetup Express into your website via API or carry out your operations directly on the Meetup Express platform.

Customizable Calendar

Create a calendar specific to your business, set your working hours, and plan your appointments within these timeframes.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic notifications are sent to both your and your customer's phone 1 hour and 30 minutes before your appointment time.

Detailed Reporting

Gain immediate access to detailed reports such as the number of customers coming to your business, the most preferred services, your busiest working hours, and customer history.

Bulk Communication Features

Store customer information and send bulk emails or SMS messages. This way, you can easily share special promotions, discounts, or announcements.

Our Service Areas

Meetup Express helps you make your life easier and more organized. With our appointment scheduling services, you can now easily manage your appointments, reservations, and event plans all in one place.

Health Services

Hospitals, clinics, dentists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and other medical specialists.

Beauty and Care Services

Hairdressers, beauty salons, spa and massage therapies.

Training and Consultancy

Private lesson tutors, trainers, career counselors, life coaches.

Automotive Services

Vehicle maintenance and repair services, car wash services.

Real Estate

Real estate consultants, home showings.

Restaurants and Cafes

Especially high demand ones or for special events.

Sports and Recreation

Fitness centers, yoga and pilates studios, golf courses, tennis courts.

Finance and Banking

Financial advisors, banking services, loan applications.

Law and Consultancy

Lawyers, legal consultants.

Arts and Culture

Museums, art galleries, special art exhibitions.

Tourism and Travel

Tour guides, special tour organizations.

Home and Garden Services

Cleaning services, landscaping and gardening services.

Animal Care

Veterinarians, pet hotel and care services.

Event and Organization

Wedding planners, event and party organizers.

Technical Services

Computer repair, mobile phone services.

About Our Packages

Packages and Features on Our Website

Our website offers a variety of packages tailored to your business needs. Each package is designed with unique features to enhance your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether you're a startup or in the growth phase, our packages can elevate your business to the next level.

Special Offers for Annual Purchases

Opt for our annual packages and enjoy 2 months of free use. This offer is perfect for businesses making long-term plans.

Diversity and Flexibility

Our packages come with 'Free', 'Monthly', and 'Annual' options to suit every budget and need. Try our services with the 'Free' package and upgrade to more comprehensive packages as per your business requirements.

Feature Richness

Our packages offer a wide range of features from appointment management to customer relationship management (CRM), professional content management tools, and marketing solutions. They are designed considering all your operational needs.

Appointment Management

Manage your appointments effectively with our easy-to-use interface. Easily handle online and telephone appointment bookings, inquiries, and cancellations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your customer data effectively and strengthen your customer interactions.

Marketing and Promotion Tools

Create your free company page and strengthen your online presence with your own website. Increase your business's visibility with SEO efforts and social media integrations.

Reporting and Analysis

Analyze your business performance in detail with transaction, customer, and staff reports.

Mobile and Web Management

Manage your business from anywhere. Access all the details of your business and carry out management operations with our mobile app and web interface.

Support Services

We offer comprehensive support services to ensure your business operates smoothly. We are always by your side with our ticket help desk, phone support line, and call center services.

About US

Hello! We, as the Meetup Express family, are a team dedicated to making the appointment booking process easier and more efficient, and we have developed Meetup Express for this purpose.

🚀 Our Mission, 💡 Our Ethic

Hello! We, as the Meetup Express family, are a team dedicated to making the appointment booking process easier and more efficient, and we have developed Meetup Express for this purpose.

Our mission is to help people better organize their lives. With Meetup Express, our goal is to streamline the appointment booking process, saving you time and helping you plan your daily life more effectively.

Meetup Express's core values are built upon user satisfaction, reliability, personal privacy, and a user-friendly experience. We always prioritize our users' needs and expectations.

🤝 Convenience and Accessibility At Meetup Express, we offer a user-friendly platform to simplify appointment booking and management. We enable you to create appointments from any device and any location.

📅 Wide range of uses Meetup Express has a wide range of applications, from the healthcare sector to personal care, from professional services to education. We assist you in finding an appointment that suits your needs.

🔒 Privacy and Security

At Meetup Express, we offer a user-friendly platform to simplify appointment booking and management. We enable you to create appointments from any device and any location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meetup Express and how does it work?

Meetup Express is an online platform that allows you to easily create, manage, and track appointments and reservations. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your customers' appointments and optimize your business processes.

It can be used in a wide range of services such as health services, beauty and care, education, automotive, real estate, restaurant, sports, finance, law, art, tourism, home, and garden services.

If you are a business: By creating a new account, you can create customers and appointments through the easily accessible online portal and seamlessly manage your business processes with calendar integration. If you are a customer: You can search for the company you want to make an appointment with in the search section of our mobile app, enter the 'Make an Appointment' page, and make an appointment for the desired day and time.

Your information is securely stored and the system contains the latest technology security elements. Meetup Express protects user data with advanced security measures and SSL certificates. All your data is securely stored and your privacy is prioritized.

Meetup Express offers 24/7 support services. It provides quick solutions to all your questions and problems with phone, email, and live support options.

You can start using it quickly by opening a new account from the new registration section. You can start by trying the software with a free trial period and then choose one of the subscription packages if it suits your business.

It offers many advanced features such as appointment management, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and promotion tools, detailed reporting, management from mobile and web, and online payment integration.

Meetup Express offers flexible pricing packages suitable for various budgets. You can optimize your costs with monthly and annual payment options. Also, there are discount opportunities in annual subscriptions.

Yes, Meetup Express offers API support. This allows you to integrate the software into your existing systems and make your workflows more efficient.

Meetup Express sends automatic SMS and email reminders to your customers before their appointments. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces appointment no-shows.

It provides detailed reports to track your business performance. You can analyze critical data such as customer visits, revenue analysis, popular services, and busy hours.

You can quickly send promotions, discounts, and important announcements to your customers via bulk SMS and email. This feature helps you effectively manage your marketing campaigns.

It frees sole workers from secretarial tasks, manages the budget, and saves time. For teams, it eliminates chaos, shows how much each employee is working, saves time for everyone, manages the budget, and grows the business. In addition to all these, it helps grow your business with its user-friendly interface, flexible and scalable structure, detailed reporting, secure data storage, and effective customer support services.


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